Lint Kaiser
Name Lint Kaiser
Kanji リント カイゼル
Romanji Rinto Kaizeru
Also Known As Jack the Ripper
Age Unknown (Estimated 70)
Birthday April 25
Status Dead
Race Mother Keeper Security Type
Affiliation Mother Keeper
Gender Male
Height 180 cm (5'10)
Weight 157 Kg (346 lbs)
Blood Type AB
Relatives Mary
Weapon Information
Arms Security Panel
Length 1000mm
Weight 5043g
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Seiyū Matsukaze Masaya

Lint Kaiser (リント カイゼル, Rinto Kaizeru) is the mother keeper in charge of security for Heaven's Tower. He is the oldest of the main three mother keepers.

Appearance Edit

Lint has long black hair and eyes. When working with the security in Heaven's Tower, his left eye is blue with a crosshair for a pupil. He wears a suit with a long suit jacket.

Personality Edit

Lint appears apathetic towards most things and doesn't easily trust new people. He is willing to voice his displeasure about Ricalna very loudly.

Background Edit

Before becoming a mother keeper, Lint was a serial killer using the name "Jack the Ripper". After accidentally killing his wife, Mary, he was caught and put on death row, which gave Jim a chance to turn him into a mother keeper.

He was turned into a mother keeper along with two others, who both ended up dying, leaving him as the only mother keeper until Syal came around.

Relationships Edit

Mary Kaiser Edit

Mary was Lint's wife when he was a serial killer. Lint killed her by mistake before he was caught.

Ricalna Forde Edit

Lint and Ricalna don't get along as Lint refuses to trust anyone from the rebellion groups. When they first met, Ricalna thought Lint was trying to pick a fight with him and Lint informed him he'd be paying for the damages he had made to Heaven's Tower.

Jim Cleeas Edit

Lint and Jim work together and seemingly get along. However, Lint questions her judgement with trusting Ricalna.

Syal Fineded Edit

When Syal first became a mother keeper, Lint helped her with getting use to things. They get along and Syal breaks up fights between Lint and Ricalna.

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